Zoom Boom for Kids

Children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants & 1st class are currently participating in an 8 week activity programme based on child developmental milestones (Gross and fine motor, play and social development skills). It is called Zoom Boom Kids. The 1 hour sessions are delivered by Aisling Doonan, who focuses on flexibility, cardio, strength (core, lower and upper body) co-ordination and balance through fun games and activities.

In order to obtain maximum benefit from the in school sessions parents and guardians are asked to encourage their sun/daughter to compete some of the exercise at home and share them on their tracker sheet.

Some of possible activities are demonstrated in activities under the tab ‘Zoom Boom for Kids’.

Zoom Boom 046 Zoom Boom 047 Zoom Boom 048 Zoom Boom 049 Zoom Boom 053