Swimming 2021/22
PAWS Programme
Water Safety Ireland’s PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) outlines the essential life-saving guidelines that every child needs to know. Our 3rd – 6th classes have completed their PAWS water safety training and have been awarded their certificated of completion.
For the first term, the STARS classes and the children from 1st-3rd class will be attending swimming lessons in Cavan Leisure Complex.
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Dance 2019/20
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Virtual Community Games
This year National Community Games is holding a Virtual Competition for children in 7 different categories: art, model-making, dance, singing, music and recitation.
The entries are uploaded virtually through the Community Games website.
The closing date for entries is the 5th of May 2021, make sure you don’t miss it! Click on the link below to find out more information about this year’s Community Games.

Gymnastics 2019/20

St. Brigid's National School Redhills-53

Breifne Gymnastics Academy

We have a new partnership this year. We are working along side Breifne Gymnastics Academy.  The children take part in lessons while the teachers observe and gain new ideas to try out themselves. We would like to thank Leah and Gillian for all their hard work.

Sky Sports –  Living for Sports 

We are delighted to announce that Sky Sports have come on board with St. Brigid’s NS in their bid to achieve the Active School Flag. Carla Rowe,  who is a plays county football for Dublin, is our school mentor.  She come to visit the children in 5th and 6th class before Christmas and she will be back again to meet us all for Active School’s Week (3rd – 6th April, 2017).




This year saw a new partnership with the FAI in St Brigid’s NS. We had children from 3rd-6th participating in local futsal and soccer tournaments. Training took place on Monday evenings after school and the children showed tremendous improvement every week. They tested their skills in three tournaments and showed that with the talent available here at the school this is certainly a partnership which we will be continuing to develop in future.

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Our association with Rounders began in 2015 when we entered a team into the Cavan primary schools competition. Since then, the sport has continued to flourish in our school and we are currently preparing for upcoming competitions in the summer. Resulting from this partnership, we have forged new relationships with local schools and members of the national Rounders association through our involvement in competitions.

Rounders County Final 002


Cavan Leisure Centre

Pupils from Junior Infants to 6th class attend swimming lessons from January to June each year. The provision of excellent instructors by Cavan Leisure centre is a key component to this arrangement. The schools works closely with Cavan Leisure Centre, local bus drivers and parents to ensure the pupils at our school learn to swim.


Redhills Carnival


Our schools Parents Association work closely with the Redhills Carnival committee each year to provide events, games and outdoor activities which ensure the involvement of primary school pupils throughout this festival.


St. Brigid’s NS Parent’s Association and Redhills Juvenile G.A.C

Get Fit Training Programme