Junior Entrepreneur

As part of the Junior Entrepreneur Programme, 5th and 6th Class held a Dragon’s Den. Dragons consisted of Mr. Ross Mealiff (Owner of Hotel Kilmore), Ms. Elaine Pryer (Business Manager with Ulster Bank), Mr. Kerins and Ms. Maguire. Each group presented their ideas to the dragons. Ideas included Fab Lab (lip balm and bath bomb set), P.I.Y kit (planting kit), Exploding box (multi-purpose organiser) and Holder Twins ( phone holder and speaker.) The dragon’s were hugely impressed with the children’s creativity and ideas but decided to invest in the P.I.Y kit. Mr. Ross Mealiff and Ms. Elaine Pryer also spoke to the children about business and entrepreneurship and gave the children some ideas and advice for future business ventures. The children also had the opportunity to ask questions about what it’s like to be involved in business. Well done to all of the children on their hard work and a big thank you to our two special guests.