Notices and Information

 **Active Friday **

Friday the 10th of November will see the return of Active Friday. We cannot wait to see what our new committee has in store for us.


School Year 2017/2018

Junior & Senior Infants 1st & 2nd Class 3rd & 4th Class 5th & 6th Class
September September September September
Athletics Athletics Games Games
October October October October
Athletics Games Games Games
November November November November
Games Dance Dance Dance
December December December December
Dance Dance Dance Dance
January January January January
Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics
February February February February
Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics/Swimming Gymnastics and Swimming
March March March March
Games Athletics Athletics Swimming and Athletics
April April April April
Dance/Games Games Athletics Swimming and Athletics
May May May May
Swimming Outdoor and Adventure/Swimming Games Athletics and Outdoor and Adventure Activities
June June June June
Outdoor and Adventure/Swimming Outdoor and Adventure/Swimming Outdoor and Adventure Outdoor and Adventure Activities



What is the Active School Flag Initiative? 

For anyone who would like more information on the Active School Flag Initiative take a look at the link below:;loop=false&amp;delayms=3000″ width=”960″ height=”569″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe></pre>

Child lead initiatives 

We have chosen our new Active School Flag committee. They will be a central part of the school’s effort to increase our physical activity and build on the work completed last year to achieve our flag.

Active School Committee 2017/2018


Active Committee 2016/2017