Zoom Boom for Kids

Children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants & 1st class participate in a 6 week activity programme based on child developmental milestones (Gross and fine motor, play and social development skills). It is called Zoom Boom Kids. The 1 hour sessions focus on flexibility, cardio, strength (core, lower and upper body) co-ordination and balance through fun games and activities.

In order to obtain maximum benefit from the in school sessions parents and guardians are asked to encourage their sun/daughter to compete some of the exercise at home and share them on their tracker sheet. There are some possible activities demonstrated  below through images.

Flexibility – Butterfly (Flap legs)

Zoom Boom 041


Core Strength

Zoom Boom 042


Core Strength – Curling Snake

Zoom Boom 017 Zoom Boom 018

Balance – One Foot

Zoom Boom 032

Zoom Boom 029

Hand Eye Co-Ordination

You can use socks to replace bean bag. 

Zoom Boom 007 Zoom Boom 005

Balance – Two Feet

Zoom Boom 036

Core Strength – Dead Bug

The boys and girls learned a rhyme to go with this exercise too. 

Zoom Boom 015 Zoom Boom 011 Zoom Boom 008

Flexibility – Elastic Child

Zoom Boom 039

Flexibility – Grass Hopper

Zoom Boom 040

Hand Eye Co-Ordination 

Both hands and feet can be used to keep the balloon off the ground. 

Zoom Boom 038