Free online training events for parents – Starting 24th of May 2021


Internet Safety Training Sessions for parents of primary school children

Each day during the week of the 24th of May 2021 NPC will be holding virtual Internet Safety Training sessions for parents of primary school children. On Monday – Thursday there will be both a morning session at 10am and an evening session at 8pm. A morning session at 10am will be held on Friday.


This session aims to give you information and skills to be able to engage in your children’s online lives. It covers the benefits and risks of the internet and provides hints and tips for parents; helping children be effective, responsible and safer Internet users. These include open communication and setting rules and boundaries with children, which are important aspects of keeping them safe online, as well as in every other aspect of their lives. This session also explores cyber-bullying and how we can help our children learn how to deal with cyber-bullying situations.

If you would be interested in attending (virtually) one of these sessions please register your details here

Parents’ Association Clinics – Thursday 27th May


You may have missed the chance to attend one of our PA Clinics which took place this week and the previous week, but we are holding 2 more clinics on Thursday the 27th of May 2021 to  support parents to explore what Parents’ Associations can be doing in the current climate. The first of these sessions will take place at 10am and the second one at 8pm.


There will be a short presentation followed by the opportunity to ask questions and share your experience of what your PA is doing and some of the challenges you may be experiencing.


Who are the clinics for?


§  Established Parents’ Associations who may be struggling right now

§  Working Parents’ Associations who want to explore or share ideas for new activities

Please register your details here