3 Days of Christmas – Day 1

Everyone in St.Brigids NS have been getting into the festive spirit completing different activities as part of the 3 Days of Christmas. On Monday every classroom took part in a Christmas themed table quiz. After that, each classroom decorated a small part of a Christmas tree, 5th and 6th class then put it all together, doesn't it look great!

Christmas Crib Project

Instead of completing regular homework for the last week, First and Second Class worked on a project. They had to design and make a crib from materials they had at home. They used materials such as wood, cardboard boxes, lollipop sticks, clothes pegs, toilet roll tubes, lego, cotton wool, old Christmas decorations and greenery from their gardens. The results were just amazing! Well done to all.

The Adventures of Séamus the Elf

First and Second Class have had a little visitor, all the way from The North Pole, spend some time in their classroom for the last few weeks. His name is Séamus and he has been very busy watching them and reporting back to Santa every evening, causing a small bit of mischief along the way. He's a hungry little fella and had an eye on everyone's lunch, especially Michaela's.