Ornamental Tree Structure at St. Brigid’s NS 

To celebrate 80- years of St. Brigid’s NS, we are erecting an ornamental tree on the wall at the entrance to the school later in the year. We are inviting individuals and families who have had an association with the school since 1939 to buy a leaf, which will be engraved and placed on our tree.  

Goal of this fundraising initiative 

To purchase 0.75 of an acre of land to the back of the school and to invest in a traffic management system at the school. Upon purchasing additional space at the school, it is our intention to apply for funding to construct a Multi-Use Games Area on the school grounds. This will be used by pupils of the school during the day and will be available to the Redhills Community outside of school hours. The extra land space will also facilitate the construction of a Special Education Needs Base which will be funded by the Department of Education. Additional funds raised from the fundraising initiative above will be directed towards a fund to alleviate the parking issues we have at the school gate at collection and drop off times. We have applied (unsuccessfully) to Cavan County Council and the Department of Education for funding to deal with this safety concern. To appropriately address this issue, we need to invest in a planning and intervention strategy, which will ultimately involve the construction of an onsite car park for staff. The additional building, playing space and traffic management system at the school are a necessity based on the recent demographics of St. Brigid’s NS.  

For full details on how to get involved click on the link below.



Past Pupil Section

There is a past pupils section on our website containing photos of all classes who have attended St. Brigid’s NS. If your class group is not there, please share an image of your class by emailing info@stbrigidsns.ie and we will update accordingly.

Past Pupils of St. Brigid’s NS