1st Day of School

There was lots of excitement yesterday as we reopened our school. We welcomed 24 new Juniors to our school community.

83-DSC05112 79-DSC05108 78-DSC05098 76-DSC05091 75-DSC05087 74-DSC05081 73-DSC05077 72-DSC05067 71-DSC05063 69-DSC05059 68-IMG_5844 67-DSC05052 65-IMG_5842 64-IMG_5841 63-DSC05046 62-DSC05042 61-IMG_5839 60-IMG_5837 59-DSC05040 58-IMG_5835 57-DSC05032 56-IMG_5833 55-DSC05026 54-DSC05020 53-DSC05018 52-DSC05012 50-DSC05001 49-DSC04997 46-DSC04975 45-DSC04974 44-DSC04973 43-DSC04970 41-DSC04967 40-DSC04965 39-DSC04962 38-DSC04961 37-DSC04957 36-IMG_5799 35-IMG_5797 34-IMG_5796 22-DSC04914 21-DSC04909 20-DSC04896 19-DSC04880 18-DSC04872 17-DSC04866 16-DSC04861 15-DSC04856 14-DSC04855 13-DSC04853 12-DSC04849 11-DSC04839 10-DSC04835 9-DSC04833 8-DSC04824 7-DSC04823 6-DSC04810 5-DSC04792 4-DSC04787 1