School Books, Stationary & Uniform

School Books & Stationary


Books & stationary will be purchased by St. Brigid’s National School for the 2021/22 academic school year. An inclusive fee for this service will be shared shortly.

School Uniform


  • A pale blue shirt
  • Navy trousers
  • A navy round necked jumper (with school crest)


  • A pale blue blouse/shirt
  • A navy skirt or a navy pair of trousers
  • If wearing tights, they must be navy.
  • A navy round necked jumper (with school crest)

P.E. Uniform

Boys & Girls

  • A pale blue polo T-shirt
  • A navy sweat top with school crest
  • Navy track suit bottoms

Additional Information

  • The Jumper and P.E. uniform can be purchased at Uniformity in Cavan Town.
  • If you purchase jumpers elsewhere, you can purchase the crest from Singer Sewing in Cavan Town.
  • All uniform jumpers must have a school crest regardless of where it is purchased.
  • The P.E. uniform can be worn all day on the day that P.E. takes place.
  • The uniform must be worn at all times for the whole year. Parents/Guardians are asked to ensure that all children will have all items for the full year.